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Not really an interest check because it IS actually running right now but what is happening is I'm running a group buy locally for Rock-it Sounds R-50 earphones!

I wanted to keep it local in order to get this group buy done quickly and with minimal problems. I got a bunch of people so far but I need more to get it working and after weeks of trying to get new people I decided to branch out to geekhack.

PRICING: $75 + shipping. (ORIGINAL PRICE: $129 w/shipping on amazon)

My plan.
Gather people and see if I have enough by March 16th.
Recreate thread in group buy section and gather money by March 30th.
Order everything on March 31st.
Upon arrival, I will distribute local orders first and start shipping geekhack orders afterwards.

So post here if you're interested and I will count you.

Why the Rock-it Sounds R-50?
After looking for earphones for myself and at various reviews, I decided that the R-50 Earphones were the best bang per buck.
This extensive chart can show you where its at.

(Full image is here )
I wanted these earphones and after discussing it with a friend who wanted to do so too, we decided to start a group buy to make it even cheaper and an even better deal for us. We've gathered a few people and I'm hoping I can gather more on geekhack!

They're $120 directly from Rock It Sounds, but how many need to be ordered for $75 + shipping?

Just 20. I've got about 15 locally. $120? :/ well still a nice discount.


--- Quote from: bear95 on Sat, 23 February 2013, 19:44:22 ---Just 20. I've got about 15 locally. $120? :/ well still a nice discount.

--- End quote ---

Wow only 20 for that price and you only need 5 more? I'd probably buy if I didn't already own a GR01 (same Knowles TWFK dual BA).
GLWGB, though you probably won't need luck to hit 20 :)

Since through Amazon IS Rock It Sounds, I'd bet that direct through their site they add shipping separately.


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