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2022-03-01: Latest updates
2020-12-13: Group buy closed
2020-11-25: Deskhero added
2020-11-24: Sorry folks! No Ortho... Better luck next time!
2020-11-16: GB start


* US: Dixie Mech
* Europe: CandyKeys
* Canada: Deskhero
* Oceania: Daily Clack
* China: zFrontier (EN)
* China: zFrontier (CN)
* Southeast Asia: IlumKB
⬤ Welcome to the GMK ThinkCaps Group buy! ⬤

GMK ThinkCaps is a keycap set inspired by the classic ThinkPad and IBM/Lenovo Preferred Pro keyboards.

From Nov. 16 to Dec. 13, 2020. ETA 28+ weeks after PO

Technical Specs

* Cherry MX compatible
* Cherry profile (112344)
* Doubleshot ABS plastic
* Manufactured by GMK electronic design GmbH in GermanyStats


KitMOQDixie MechCandyKeysyakk.shopDaily ClackIlumKBzFrontierTenkeyless500$110107C$145A$151S$151818Ortho & 40's250$120121C$158A$165S$162888Numpad250$4044C$52A$55S$54272Extension150$3537C$46A$48S$47242Icon mods250$3537C$46A$48S$47242RGB mods250$3839C$50A$52S$52263Novelties250$3539C$46A$48S$47242Spacebars150$2829C$38A$38S$38192Accent150$2324C$32A$32S$32155NorDeUK100$6859C$90A$93S$93480RAMA cap100$3844C$50A$62S$58275Deskmat100$2521C$30A$27S$26120

* Covers TKL, 75%, 65% and 60% keyboards
* Tsangan, HHKB, 1.75u Shift, and nav column
* ISO-US supportMoreOrtho & 40's

* This kit has been cancelled!

* Complete numpad kit (rare for GMK sets!)Extension

* Support for exotic 60% boards such as Minila, GK64, FC660, Alice, split spacebar/backspace, etc.
* Additional "G-H-B" keys for TEX boards (for DIY modification)
* Extra minibars and convex thumb keysIcon modifiers

* Icon modifiers (compatible with GMK Dolch and other N9 GMK sets)
* Windows keys and 1.5u Meta (◇) keysRGB modifiers

* RGB modifiers (compatible with many other GMK sets)
* Fits many layouts, including ortho and 40%; icon and icon+textNovelties

* Features Dots (a @Biip design) ~TrackPoint style~
* Media keys for your full-size board, 96-key or macroSpacebars

* Spacebars for Cherry G80-1800, HHKB and small keyboards
* Perfect for adding colour to your setAccent

* Accents only for WoB, Hiragana, Dolch or other Cherry profile keyset (WS1 legends)NorDeUK

* For British, Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian and Swedish layouts

Filco Majestouch with TEX case


Filco Minila Air

HHKB and Ducky Pocket


TEX Yoda II (requires DIY mod)

OLKB Planck and OTD Koala

Colour codes

* Alphas: CR, CP legends
* Modifiers: N9, blue (custom), CP legends
* RGB modifiers: P3, N7, V4, CP legends
* Accent kit only: blue (custom), WS1 legends

* Interest check:
* Samples:
Please feel free to leave any comment or questions down below!


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Thank you! Added pricing.

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