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[GB] DCS Windbreaker - All Kits Will Be Made - Ends Thursday

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DCS Windbreaker
GB Live May 20th to June 30th!

The time has come, DCS Windbreaker is live. It's inspired by the most heinous, beautiful, beautifully heinous, heinously beautiful jackets to ever be a cultural phenomenon. While your windbreakers from back in the day may not fit anymore or got thrown out, this keyset will send you back in time and keep your keyboard looking fly for years to come. If you're looking for something subtle, you can talk to the hand.


A phat base kit for almost everything you could need to cover: TKL, 65%, 60%, Alice, and 4-key 40% support!

Some choice novelties referencing some of your fave goodies of the past, also features orange gamer WASD.

Got a lot of numbers to enter? Chill out man, we got you covered. Includes R1 = and 00 keys for you true numpad enthusiasts.

Wanna make your keyboard extra funky fresh? This kit has some extra colored spacebar options just for you. Also has some fly 3u bars for you folks on the cutting edge and a 10u bar that is just da bomb.


US Pricing

Base: $125
Novelties: $35
Numpad: $30
Bars: $25

Buy it Now

US: PWade3 Productions
EU: Oblotzky Industries
UK: Proto[Typist]
AUS: Switchkeys
CA: Apex Keyboards
SEA: iLumkb
CN: zFrontier
Worldwide: zFrontier



Colors are custom based off plastic Pantone chips.


Estimated shipping Q3 2023, DCS Profile, 112344 row sculpt, doubleshot ABS, made by Signature Plastics, what more do you wanna know?


Thanks to Jacobsmirror, HungHingDaiLo, and everyone who has harassed me over the past year about making this set come to life (yes Sparklepony, you're included in here). Everyone who joins this GB, this is my first keyset Group Buy that I'm running myself and your support means the absolute world to me!

Join My Discord or follow me on Instagram to follow along as we try to make this beautiful bastard of a set happen for real.

Thanks for looking.


So in

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This set so exciting I broke wind.


--- Quote from: futurecrime on Fri, 20 May 2022, 09:44:51 ---This set so exciting I broke wind.

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Now we're talkin'


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