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A debut set inspired by our popular Mexican celebration: The day of the Dead.Runs from June 3rd to July 1st.


* Canada: DeskHero
* United States: Novelkeys
* México: Rheset
* Europe: Oblotzky Industries
* United Kingdom: ProtoTypist
* Southeast Asia: iLumkb
* China: zFrontier
* South Korea: KLC Playground
* Oceania: Daily Clack
Estimated Arrival: Q3 2023

Papel Picado (Basekit) - $99.00 USD

Noche Negra (Alt Basekit) - $99.00 USD

Calavera (Novelties) - $45.00 USD

Are the novelties double-shot?

* All multi-color novelties will be UV printed due to their complexity.
* All single color novelties will be doubleshot (gray Ñ, Wey, and arrows).
* The only exception is the two-color "Ñ" key, which will be doubleshot + UV Print.
Ocote (Spacebars) - $15.00 USD

HIBI - $44.00 USD

El Camino - $20.00 USD

by the Mexican virtuoso @roksow
Physical sample photo, not render

Floravela - $20.00 USD

by the one and only @Stellaidoscope
Physical sample photo, not render

NK65-EE Mictlán - $125 USD

Physical sample photos, not renders

* 65% Standard Fixed Layoutp
* Hotswap PCB
* VIA Compatible
* Black Coiled USB C cable included
* Per switch RGB lighting (programmable via VIA)
* Injection Molded Polycarbonate Case
* Injection Molded Polycarbonate Plate
* Plate Mount Stabilizers
* PCB/Plate Mount MX Switch Compatible (3 pin and 5 pin)
* PCB Designed by Yiancar
* 8 Degree Angle
* Silicone Dampening Pad
* Multicolored NK_ Silk Yellows with housings matching the case


NK65-EE Mictlán Edition

Kaze by

Wednesday-XT by @pensa.73

Seis Cero by @dajikeyboards

Phidias by

Manta by @dotnick_mk and @zepsody


Typ60 Mictlán Edition by @axiom.kb

Typ60 Mictlán Edition

Anodized Black with interchangeable sandblasted stainless steel blockers for different layout configurations (WK, WKL, HHKB) and custom engraved and flame painted copper weight by the one and only KneeDeep
If you want to know more about the Typ60, check out the Interest Check by clicking here.

Serpent 65 Mictlán Edition by

Anodized Black with stainless steel accent piece, custom engraved and multicolored infill bottom by KneeDeep
If you want to know more about the Serpent 65, check out the Interest Check by clicking here.

Infill colors are subject to availability and may differ slightly from renders
Price, Quantity of keyboards, and GB date will be revealed later.


For GMK Mictlán we have two official collaborators: G-Cables and Dogemods!

G-Cables Store
Dogemods Store


* Hello?
* Latrialum
* Primecaps
* Rubrehose
* Archetype
* Namong
* Dreadkeys
* Tim Caps
* Sodie Caps
* Brew Caps
* Inkblot
* Win Keys
* Della Key
* Alchemy.cnc
* YVK studio
* Mr. Maw
* Bungkee
* From Scratch Caps
* Artzeikaps
* Geekkeey
* Sandun
* DogeMods LLC
* Alchemy.cnc
* G Cables
* Landcaps

Huge thanks to:
* Mike, Neph, and the entire NovelKeys team for trusting this project from the beginning.
* To all the members of the Mexican Community on the KatanaKaji server.
* To sGhost, yoni.wolf, Skok and FreshFromTheGrave for the amazing renders and trailers.
* To all rats and Bub's friends that have supported me since the conception of this idea.
* To all vendors who trust this project, even without a proper IC.

Come and say hi to my discord: Room 181 or follow me on Instagram for more updates.

If you want to support this project, consider adding the signature below to your profile:

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Approved :thumb: GLWB!

Hell yeah, already purchased!

Set of the year V! Set of the year. I'll see you in Sweden!

Congrats V! GLWGB  :thumb:


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