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Well, some people don't like to reach far for their mice.

My answer to that is... first, I almost never use desktops, so I have to reach over to the laptop ANYWAY if I'm using a keyboard without an integrated pointing device, and second, I prefer TrackPoints, which are ALWAYS in between the G, H, and B keys, numpad or not. ;)

Also, the numpad sends different scancodes than the number row, and some games require the numpad. Kinda tricky when you're using a numpad that's overlaid over the regular typing area, and need keys from the typing area.

(And, I did pay full price for an EnduraPro 104, and I'll probably end up doing it again to have a second one. Quality is inferior, yes, but it's still a damn nice keyboard to type on, and it's MILES ahead of the refurbished M13 that I got.)

I didn't say I didn't like the numpad, I just said it was not completely necessary for most keyboard operations.  Personally, as a creature of habit and rather stuck in my ways, I like having a numpad.  I never use it but it's nice that it's there.  I can also cannabalise it in case any of my other keys wear out >_>.

Wow, he's raping the buyer on shipping...


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