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--- Quote from: bhtooefr;5306 ---I prefer just buying my 101-key, no fancy features Model Ms from thrift stores... that way, I can hold the keyboard, make sure everything's there, and (if I've got a laptop and USB adapter with me, or the store has a PC there) test the keyboard.
--- End quote ---

I go to Goodwill on occasion hoping to see some Model M's, but have not been lucky to find one yet....I read stories where people find them in dumpsters, or score them for like $5. Must be nice.

Typing this post on a Model M that I paid $4.99 for at Goodwill. ;)

And, I bargained them down to $0.99 when I got my first Model M - it was missing some keys. ;) (That's what the $2.99 Lexmark Model M with a damaged cable was for.)

Oh, and I was just talking to someone that obtained a 51G8572, sourced from a dumpster, complete with the 6-wire SDL cable. (The normal cable only has a 5 wires, so it won't drive the speaker.)

Ok, so rub it in....: )


--- Quote from: bhtooefr;5311 ---Typing this post on a Model M that I paid $4.99 for at Goodwill. ;)
--- End quote ---

You lucky dog :lol:

I'm willing to pay full price for a new Model M from Unicomp.  I've purchased two spacesavers for friends, a Endurapro for myself, and an 84-key spacesaver for myself (I'm still giddy over that purchase).

I bought two additional 84-key spacesavers used off of ebay...only because Unicomp doesn't have the parts to make any more new ones.


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