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I'm typing on a clicky keyboard... with membranes.

/me watches as Ulysses31's mind explodes...

(The Model M has a membrane sheet underneath the buckling spring keyswitches. It's rubber domes that you don't like.)

If I were you, I'd look for IBM part number 1391406. That's the 102-key UK layout Model M.

A supposedly NIB Extended II went for EUR 31,xx plus shipping three weeks ago in Germany. That was the german version though.

Good times for buyers.

There was a spanish one on ebay a few weeks back that was at $5 and was never sold. It was then relisted and I don't whether it was even sold the second time.
I was looking to buy it quite a few times because the spanish version has the keycaps with symbols. (i.e. ^instead of ctrl etc...) But I thought paying $20 just to have different keycaps was a little much. Oh yeah converting it to american was out of the question since it has an L-shaped enter key and a few other minor differences.

I took some more pics compared to my older (or should i said more experienced?) AEK. The old one is from 1990, the new one in the box says 1991 on the packaging, but I haven't looked at the actual date on the Board. I hope you understand that I didn't take it out of the packaging yet.

Notice the yellowing on the older board.

Notice how high you can raise an AEK.

Side View, you can see that the keycaps are still the same color on both boards.

The New Board. Imagine it has been in this packaging for 17 years.

Panorama View.

Side by Side. You can see the yellowing really well here.

Two colored Apple Logos in one Picture.


--- Quote from: Jaydoublem;5398 ---I hope you understand that I didn't take it out of the packaging yet.
--- End quote ---

I assume then that you aren't, necessarily, looking to keep this board for yourself?  

You going to try and turn it around for a tidy profit?  Or are you simply wanting to keep your backup in pristine condition until it is called into service?


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