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Hi there!

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Hey all!

I have always thought about getting a mecha for my gaming pleasure but hesitated mainly because of being unable to test those things in a local store.
However I now got a lot of pages to type for my upcoming bachelor thesis. Additionally, after breaking the space key on my G15 due to... well let's say playing Dota2 involves some minor setbacks here and there... I am now willing to spend my money for a decent mechanical keyboard (well knowing that I might be forever expelled from cheap-rubber-dome-land afterwards).

I was told this is the place to go, so I decided to stumble in and have a look around :)

Hey buddy welcome to Geekhack!

Welcome aboard!  ;)

Welcome! Enjoy searching for your first amazing mechanical! Just be wary, lots of folks get addicted, and wallets suffer! Including mine!

Welcome gamer friend = P.

You may be interested in finding a store to try out the Razer blackwidow. It's got MX blues in them. Otherwise you might want to consider a CM keyboard which are also reasonably priced. Otherwise there's a ton of boards out there with a variety of switches (MX,topre,buckling spring). If you've still looking for a board, just write down what you're looking for more specifically and I'm sure the forum would be happy to help.

Welcome to WalletHack. Your money is not safe.


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