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Hey everyone, I've lurked around here for a while now and decided to finally join up. I'm relatively new to mechanical keyboards, I started out with a used Razor Blackwidow so I could get the feel of mechanical keyboards but I've recently upgraded to a Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid with Red switches and I don't ever think I could go back to rubber dome switches.

Welcome! Prepare to go broke!

Your Wallet is not ready!

Oh yeah and welcome to GeekHack. = P

You still have much to try out tho. That CM is the first of many.

Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm prepared to go broke and my wallet isn't ready yet, I still need to find ways to hide some of spending habits from my girlfriend.

They are always susceptible to "What are you talking about honey? I've always had this".

Welcome to Geekhack.

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