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Hi everyone,

I stumbled across your site a few weeks ago and I've been lurking since.  I have used mechanical keyboards at work in the past and I am determined that my next purchase will be one.  I've been using a g15 for ~5 years. It was a gift from an old friend and I don't use all the bells and whistles. The ctrl key is too compacted for gaming, but this thing has lasted some time now. 

It's time to make the step to mechanical, but I just don't feel educated enough on what is out there!  I know I want to start with a 87-104key white/grey case, PBT caps with MX brown switches (I'm hoping I will be happy with these for 50/50 gaming/typing).  When it comes to this case color, does this leave me with a Leopold, HHKb, or a Topre Realforce?  The Topre Realforce may be, for my first purchase, too pricey and something I would look at doing as my next project.  HHkb 60key, too compact for my liking.  So many choices!  I am willing to consider alternative case colors.  However, I want the performance and the looks to boot.  How about convenience of acquiring caps? Finally, where do I go to find reputable places to purchase?!

Sorry for being such a novice here, I want to build on something for years to come and I don't want to half-ass it from the get go.  Thanks in advance and Hi again!


Welcome to Geekhack!
The leopold might be your best bet (especially for PBT keycaps: good choice), though I haven't tried it.

There aren't that many white tenkeyless keyborads that come with PBT keycaps on them. You might want to get a non-backlit Keycool (or plum) in white, and add a set of PBT keycaps to it later.

The best option, of course, is the IBM 1391401 (Space saving keyboard. Beige is close enough to white. It's tenkeyless, and it's got PBT keycaps for sure. Just a thought, though. :P

What you've described doens't give you much in terms of options...

It would be easier (tho cost a bit more) if you bought the white board and then bought a set of PBT keycaps to go with it. = p

Welcome to Geekhack!

(Almost) any mechanical keyboard you get will last you for years, so if you get one with MX brown switches and, after a month or two, decide you don't really like the browns, you can get another with, say, reds.

Key caps are interchangeable on most Cherry MX-based keyboards, so any custom caps you acquire can simply migrate from keyboard to keyboard.

Apparently the proxy at work blocks my login attempts but still allows me to browse...

Thanks for the replies,

I did a bit more browsing around and opened my mind to straying from a white board.  I'm looking into Filco, Key Cool, and KMAC's at the moment.  I feel like that style is what I'm seeking for sure.  Where did you guys start?! so overwhelmed


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