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[GB] humble40 - 12.5u WKL 40% - Extras are up! Shipping rates fixed!

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Worldwide Vendor: Eye Oh Designs
75 FCFS units
GB ends 8 July
Estimated fulfillment: October 2022

Follow the active discussion on the 40s Discord Server. Head to the channel #join-ic-roles-here to join the #humble-40 channel and follow along!

-Seamless, single piece CNC aluminum. Anodized colors are Void (black) and Heartbreak (red). Bleach (white) is e-coated.
-12.5u WKL layout
-Bottom mount. Compared to other bottom mount boards, there is a decent amount of flex due to the cutouts for the blockers and using only 4 mounting points for the plate/PCB.
-5.5 degree typing angle with 19 mm front height.
-FR4 or Brass switch plate in standard stagger or uniform stagger configuration.

-RP2040 powered board running Vial
-USB Type C with UDB
-MX switch compatibility
-1.2mm thick PCB
-LED backlight available (Lights not included)

Included with purchase:
-Case Foam
-PCBs (mainboard and daughterboard) with JST cable

Anodized case with FR4 plate kit: $170
E-Coat: +$10
Brass plate: +$5
Extra PCB: $40
Extra Brass Plate: $30
Extra FR4 Plate: $25
Switch Plate Foam (thicc 4mm EVA for you ASMR fiends): $15

Sound Tests:
NK Dry Series Blacks lubed, filmed, and mill-maxed on a brass plate with case and plate foam. 2u/2.25u bars. DSS Lights Out

68g Koalas lubed and filmed on a POM plate with case foam and a double dense plate foam. 6.25u bar. DSA Dolch.

Gateron KS-3 lubed, filmed, and spring swapped with 68g prolong springs on an FR4 plate with case foam and plate foam. 3u bars. modernJA cherry profile PBT keycaps

13 July 2022: Everything has been paid for. I'll provide an update on the manufacturing status in the coming weeks. I'll get to cutting case and plate foam by the next update.

31 July 2022:
Cases: Things are moving quickly here. Cases are being anodized and e-coated.

Plates: I've received all FR4 plates. Brass plates are being cut by the case manufacturer and will arrive with the cases.

PCBs: Daughterboards and PCBs have shipped. If you haven't been following in 40s Discord, I decided to add a 6u spacebar option for some sweet sweet symmetry. I didn't advertise this because I made the add mid-groupbuy and didn't have the time to prototype it. This was a relatively easy add since we already had 3u bars and no other layouts needed to be removed to support it. Once they arrive, I'll be able to test it out.

Other Items: Plate foam is done. I still need to order the material for case foam, but that will arrive quickly and will get through my laser queue much more quickly than the plate foam. Off the shelf items I still need to pay for are bump-ons and JST cables. I may op to make my own cables, bet either way, this won't hold us up.

Hopefully things keep trucking along!

25 August 2022:
Cases: The manufacturer is in their QC phase. Hopefully shipping is not too far away.

Plates: I've received all FR4 plates. Brass plates are being cut by the case manufacturer and will arrive with the cases.

PCBs: All PCBs have been paired with their JST cable and Daughterboard and flashed. The 6u spacebar add was test fitted and works.

Other Items: All plate foam and case foam is done. Bump-ons and case screws have been bagged.

16 September 2022:
Shipping is (effectively) complete! There are 2 customers that have been contacted about their order, but everything else is delivered or with the post office. This was pretty quick! Just over 2 months past the end of the purchase period and about 6 weeks before the deadline! Those remaining 2 orders should be taken care of as soon as I receive parts in the next couple of weeks. Extras will go up at as soon as they receive their packages.

Hey guys! We're one week in and things are cruising along. We've definitely sold through enough units to make the whole batch. A couple of notes for those that have already placed orders:

-There was an issue with some orders where shipping was not being charged. I'll need to correct this as there is no free shipping with the keyboard. Look for an email from me over the weekend (likely Sunday).

-There was an extra item that was not having a charge added when placed in the cart. I believe this only impacted one order, and I've spoken with that person. If this has also happened to you, I'll be reaching out soon.

-Some countries are not showing. I've been contacted about India and Indonesia specifically. DM me if you are experiencing this. I've already done one purchase through Paypal invoicing, and will do others if you have this issue.

Spread the word guys! This is a great board and I know you'll enjoy it if you pick one up!

3 days left to grab a board!

I'm still seeing an issue with Shopify shipping. If it says free shipping, it's incorrect. Complete the checkout and I'll reach out to you to sort things. :thumb:

Update bump. Check the 2nd post.


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