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Would like to see more unique designs embedded into this keyboard-whether it be a difference in side profile, layout, colors, engravings, idk anything. Without knowing what the back will look like and actual colors (or ones similar to renders), it is hard to ask us if we will be interested or not...


--- Quote from: Aeris Studio on Mon, 13 March 2023, 08:47:53 ---We noticed a lack of mounting options in the market,

For the mounting option, we chose a top mount design that provides an overall balanced acoustics and typing feel.

--- End quote ---

please dont **** up the JST cable this time, 2 out of 60 boards catching on fire is a really bad look. i know its called killer65 but damn.


--- Quote from: MaxineCh on Sun, 28 May 2023, 02:57:03 ---please dont **** up the JST cable this time, 2 out of 60 boards catching on fire is a really bad look. i know its called killer65 but damn.

--- End quote ---

I remember seeing this and I don't know how the jst connector can go in the wrong way, it's kinda funny if you ignore the potential danger.

Also this IC is very poorly done, I understand this is very early in production but please include some renders at least, plus it seems that a lot of info isn't there (As someone has already mentioned)

--- Quote from: LavenderB on Sat, 18 March 2023, 08:06:33 ---Too much dumb marketing language, too little actual information. What's the front height? What layouts does the pcb support? There is actually no information about the pcb whatsoever. The images that you've provided don't show the back or the internals at all, not to mention they're all fusion screenshots instead of renders or images of a prototype, so we can barely tell what the board would look like irl anyway. What's the estimated weight? Do you have a price point that you would like to achieve? Even if these are all subject to change, we have to know their current state to make a decision or give feedback. If you want the end product to be good, you will also need a prototype at some point to check for any potential issues. Overall, this looks like the ic of a keyboard that would be poorly thought out and engineered, but would cost as much as the finest keyboards from the most well-known makers.

--- End quote ---

The IC for this project should have definitely waited until a lot more info could be shared.

And probably for the best that the board will be compatible with like a hiney pcb after the um... incident.


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