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What are some of your favorite keycap sets you can buy today.

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Hey guys, I am new to the community and I will randomly hear of keycaps that I have never heard of but are available right now. I feel like I have just scratched the surface. Are there any key cap sets you guys love that are available for purchase right now.

its hard to get in-stock keycaps (availability of the set from the group-buy takes nowadays 12-18 months), best bet is to check keyboards shops if they have any in stock, or Drop, ebay, reddit.

My two favorite keycap profiles are SA and MT3. I just love tall sphericals. I tend to like sets that are tributes to old terminal keyboards of the 1960s and 1970s. My favorites are Dolch, CADET, HONEY, and Dasher/Dancer. Unfortunately, the only ones of those that I believe you can buy today are Dasher/Dancer (from Drop), though you can usually find some variant of Dolch if you hunt around. I'm typing on a set of MT3 Dasher right now in fact. Love 'em!

If you like high-profile, Drop has been selling MT3 at huge discounts. Sometimes, you can get a base kit [Dasher / Dancer, Skiidata] for $39.

There is a high-profile called AF SA on AliExpress that is more conventional, and is usually around $40. The new CX SA may be even cheaper. They are both kind of like shorter SA-profiles. Some of the sites offering AF SA have some nice colourways to choose from.

There is also a fake ripoff of "Pyga" being sold on AliExpress that is reportedly quite decent. Only like $20. Maybe 5+ colours to choose from.

For beige+cream PBT sets, I think 21KB is good value [when they are on sale.] For example, the "Wubi" set at $35. That is more enjoyable than paying a lot of money. However, CRP sets are nice if you can get them.

Now's a good time. There's a sale on at AliExpress, so you can find the fake Pyga sets pretty cheap. Same with CX SA profile [certain SA profile or other high-profile / spherical dish sets]. JC Studio is also on sale at KeeBox store.

MT3 is a good buy when the base kit is $39.


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