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[BUILD] my second DIY keyboard, "Keybird69"

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I recently finished my second keyboard build. I call it "Keybird69" because it is a keyboard for a Finch, and it has 69 keys.

  * sandwich case made from LEGO Technic beams and FR-4 plates
  * unix69 layout
  * PCB designed by me
  * Waveshare RP2040-Tiny controller
  * Cherry MX Clear switches, Durock screw-in stabilizers
  * SP DSS Dolch keycaps

I am pleased with the result :-) tho I fear that perfection has not yet been achieved, and I am doomed to build another.


Thank you!

Wonderful IDEA!
I'd like to try too if I can  source the lego parts..
Side finish looks fairly nice.

I got the lego parts from but there are lots of third party sellers that you can find via and

I am currently waiting for some black 13 hole beams to replace the grey ones. (For some reason the grey ones ship fast from Poland but the black ones ship slow from Billund, so I got the grey ones when I was prototyping.) When I fit them I will be more careful to make sure that the injection moulding sprue marks on the sides of the beams are on the inside of the keyboard not the outside 🤪

I also have some acrylic on the way to go around the key block above the plate. I rather like the texture of black solder mask on copper, so I am not sure if I want to cover it up or if the acrylic will be too shiny.


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