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Brown Keycaps like Commodore Vic20

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Im curious as I like the retro look and I think a lot of other people do and there doesn't seem to be a ton out there that are dark brown like some of the older keyboards. Something like the commodore vic20 64 caps.

like this:

Closest I've seen is this from drop, which is inspired by the old commodore keyboards:

Which is pretty close honestly but they are gone right now and its drop so I'm sure there outrageously priced. Also I have my own issues with drop and I don't care to buy anything from them to be totally honest if I don't have to.

So aside from waiting for that kit to come back are there any other dark brown retro looking keycaps out there? I wouldn't even mind mixing a couple set if I had to.

Yeah, the drop set would have been perfect. But it's turning out that making a specifically-Commodore set, in any GB, is very expensive and time-consuming.

In terms of Brown sets, that's easier. There's JTK's HSA-profile:

AF SA profile:

There's the older Filco SA:

And probably several others. High-profile keycaps are making a big comeback, because of the proliferation of Chinese manufacturers. However, adding Commodore imagery is a pricey and tricky proposition.

You might want to perform a search of popular keyboard discussion websites for "Brown" or "Retro" or "Commodore," as you will find some additional things.

Yeah its more getting the color right or close than getting an actual clone of the commodore caps. I will look at those and I have searched different places for brown keycaps and I have had a ton of luck honestly. At least not dark brown, I do see some chocolate colored ones and light brown but nothing really dark.

I'm a big fan of Melgeek MCR Horseman Base C, myself.  I ended up buying the other two colorways as well.  Stick it on some linears and it almost feels like I'm typing on my old Atari 800 again.

I'm sorry to hear that you haven't found the right colour yet.

How do you feel about SA Espresso?

Maybe it's too light and gradient? The older Filco SA, BTW is a very dark and chocolatey rich Brown, almost black.


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