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[IC]Hillstone switch

Hi, this is
This time, we brought the Hillstone switch jointly launched by jkdk and xcjz(XCJZ is a renowned switch collector in the East, and his LUCY switches are quite popular in both Eastern and Western communities)
The Hillstone switch was jointly designed by jkdk and xcjz and manufactured by Bsun.Hillstone switch Specifications:
- Heavy tactile
- 56g spring(16mm)
- POM Lengthen stem
- Mixed nylon top housing
- POM bottom housing
- 5 pin
- 3.2mm Travel
- Made by Bsun
- lubrication

On the hillstone switch, we chose a combination of POM stem and POM bottom house to achieve a stronger feel and thicker sound when in contact.
Bsun's factory lubrication allows the switch to truly be used out of the box, without the need for reprocessing. Simply plug it into your keyboard and you can start your new experience.

Q:Will the Hillstone Switch be a group buy?
A:No, we hope to use spot sales, which is more user-friendly for consumers and can get the switch in a shorter time. We have arranged production and manufacturing in advance, so it won't be long.
Q:Are you contacting the vendor?
A:Yes, we are contacting vendors around the world to enable more communities and enthusiasts to purchase. If you are a vendor and interested, please contact us.

Hillstone switch typing sound

Vendor List:
Thailand:NTCH Keys
South America:Fancy customs
Rest of the

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Looks interesting. Do some vendors, like in AliExpress, already have them? I see this offering, but I'm not sure if it's real

Ah yes, finally a new heavy tactile switch. BSUN has been making great switches lately, so I'm looking forward to this. They sound chonky in the sound test too, let's goooo

p.s. What's the peak weight?


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