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Torii Gate artisan keys


Hey guys,

I was prowling Etsy today and was impressed by these particularly beautiful keys:

Torii Gate Artisan Keycap

They're pretty inexpensive, too, considering how much work must go into them. (I'd mention exactly how much they were—but I see only Canadian-dollar prices here, which wouldn't mean much to most of you.)

I don't have any artisan keys myself... In fact I often laugh at how exaggerated many of them are (especially the ones you can't even press—what's up with that??). But every now and then I see some that are so well done, I feel like passing them along.

I have no affiliation with the maker, and reap no benefits whatsoever from the keys' sales... I just liked how they looked.

BTW, I may be a voice in the wilderness here—but "keycap" is a misnomer. (If these are "caps", what's the "key? The switch? No, that's the switch, right?) People in the keyboard-manufacturing industry have traditionally called them "keys" or "buttons". (Unicomp calls them "buttons".)  ;)


I prefer these ones from Sinpra Caps because they:

* Are Cherry profile (my preferred profile)
* Are a bit classier/understated, and therefore match mechanical keyboards better IMO
* Are offered in colourways that match keycap sets I own

I call them micro-landscape style  :thumb:

I'm putting two of them on my board right now! Truly beautiful! It looks so much better when holding it in hands.

I have the volcano Torii Gate keycap.

It looks great in person (just like the picture) but it just doesn't really fit my setups at all.

hoping that it might be closer in color for the GMK Underworld set when it comes out.


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