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Keycaps for low profile Kailh Choc swtiches


Do someone know any sites where I could buy some keycaps/sets for a keyboard with low profile Kailh Choc swtiches?

Some additional notes:

- I have the Sharkoon Purewriter TKL, and my intention is not to go fancy but just change Italian to international layout

- From the info I've found seems the switches are ever so slightly different from the low profile switches from novelkeys and the caps won't fit

- A place in Europe or China would be the best for shipping purposes

Thank you!

I think the manufacturer of that keyboard (known under several brands) made their own keycaps. Similar keycaps are not available elsewhere AFAIK.

There are replacement keycaps for Logitech's keyboards with Kailh Choc (branded as "Logitech GL") but Logitech has a flatter keycap profile and some modifier keys are the wrong size.

Kailh's own and third-party keycaps for Kailh Choc have all been smaller than regular size, and are mostly used on DIY ergonomic keyboards with smaller key spacing. Kailh's have a weird uniform 0.5u staggering also, so they won't fit.

The "vertical" shape might also be different (hopefully I will like it).
Surely anyway the planar spacing, attachment and size of the various modifiers/etc should fit...


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