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I like the clack therapy sessions that happen from time to time in various threads. I wanted to make this thread for people to vent and for new members to understand more clearly what this clack thing is all about. The frustration subsides once you accept the fact that like anything collectible, you just cant have them all. The people with large collections have definitely put in the leg work to get them through communication and developing friendships amongst this community wether its out front or behind the scenes. Yes some of them were here in the old days when they were not so popular but thats the way the cookie crumbles. Geekhack is not a store. If you want opportunity you have to create it for yourself. I've been here about a year now and I can tell you that one year ago I was very VERY upset with the apparent "cool kids club". I was a noob and at one point I was convinced that I would never get a clack and it got me feeling pretty sour about this place in general. I'm glad I never gave up or cast too much judgment on the people here. I would feel pretty silly right now if I had given into impulse and actually posted half the things I've written up and decided not to send. You may see people posting clack after clack on this forum but just remember that the clack you saw them post last week may have been used in a trade to acquire the clack you see posted today. I have owned about 8 or 10 clacks so far of different types and posted pictures of most of them but I have never owned more than 2 or 3 at a time. Eventually with persistence and good communication you'll get your first clack too. Just know that the clack you saw that looked so awesome that you really really want might be out of reach forever. Acceptance will bring serenity.  Don't let it bring you down. Good things come to those who wait. Just try not to burn any bridges in the meantime. Cheers


They're your Clacks. Use them when you need them!


--- Quote from: YoungMichael88 on Thu, 18 July 2013, 22:27:14 ---Good things come to those who wait.

--- End quote ---

Turbo Slaab:

Or better yet for newbs, don't go down the dark path of clack hunting. Many times it brings out the worst in people. Look at what happens at CC sales.


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