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I have a rule with things like this - I use them until I no longer think about them and they become natural.  After a month I still had initial friction and after two months I was still struggling to double click or right click without moving sometimes.  Yesterday I noticed the friction has gone (I've not cleaned the bearingrs for a couple of weeks, though use has been low) and the only thing I remember annoying me was the warm handrest as I was using it in the middle of a warm day, which is unusual.

With the time that I have spent using the HUGE, I can safely say that it actually is the best trackball that I have used by far. Yes, I used it till everything is pretty much now natural; habitual even.
Buttons that I have did not think that I would be using are pretty much like second nature. Again, the only real thing that bugs me is the fact that Elecom does not provide proper software for us MacOS users. It seems that the Windows versions work great and have a lot more features for me to unlock.

So I am a happy Elecom HUGE user.


--- Quote from: knightjp on Sat, 01 August 2020, 06:28:34 ---Buttons that I have did not think that I would be using are pretty much like second nature.

--- End quote ---

What do your buttons do?

I have wheel up/down as page up/down and the two little buttons next to the ball as double and triple click for selecting text, but currently I've got two right clicks as I can't think of a good use for either of them.

For about 3-4 years I have used a JDM Elecom thumb ball Top of the line from my Grandpa(typo). If you could try this one you might use no other pointing device. It is far superior to what they are exporting. Unfortunately they do not make a top ball in this segment.

I'm using SteerMouse to control and give functionality to most of the extra buttons on MacOS. But there was a recent update to SteerMouse and even though the settings are the same, nothing seems to be working. Any ideas?


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