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Will Omron d2f-01f fit GPX Superlight?


Has anyone tried to fit omrons  d2f-01f on the GPX Superlight without swapping plungers or sanding to reduce the height?

The D2F is actually a very tiny bit taller than what comes stock, however the difference in size is within the margin of error in manufacturing.

Try lifting up or pressing down on your mouse buttons and see if there is any slack, if there is any at all that you can detect, you're more than good. I've yet to find one they wouldn't swap into, but you never know for certain until you try.

It's not that they won't fit,  but without the slack they're designed with, the clicks activate too easily on their own.

For gaming, ex, rocket jumping and lifting the mouse, if you bring the mouse back down, the momentum of the button flap is enough to trigger the button.

Depends on the mouse.
Most have more than enough slack because the switches really dislike having ANYTHING on them at rest.

D2fs are just a poor switch for a mouse in general and it only gets worse every year.
BTW, it seems Logitech has gone back to 20M switches from the prior 50m, I'm willing to bet they found what I've long thought and that's that the higher the lifespan the less they tolerated abuse. Mice are an abuse of this switch.


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