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[GB]EXENT - 65% made by TARO (In production)

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For more background information on the project

First of all I would like to apologize for the delay in launching the GB. Lots of details need to be finalized, Chinese New Year preparation and also my brother's family visiting from New Zealand. It has been an intensive week for me.

The prototype we made is perfect. The Kustom elements added to it by yuktsi blended really well with Rama's design. An actual board tells a lot more than just renders, in this case. Everything was very different from how I expected EXENT would be. The board weighed reasonably nice, it sits sturdily on my table and the height is just right. Most important of all the actual board looks a lot more buff. It looks like a gangsta when sitting next to any TKL. I love it very much. ntw couldn't stop touching it.

It has been pointed out by many that it's unrealistic to just add a few dollars on top of the cost. The poly-carbonate bottom and stainless steel feet are really difficult to be machined.  There are chances of defective parts during production that has to be accounted for. We also foresee the unavoidable import tax on the GMK set. The initial design fee and cost of prototyping was sunk cost and were not costed into our selling price.

Due to the circumstances we had to place 10% increment to our original proposed price, for contingency purposes (toughest decision I ever made in my life). EXENT is something I wish to do for the community. 2016 was an amazing year for me because of you guys. XOXO

Engineering Sample




GMK Keyset








Tech Specs
Material: 6 series Aluminum (top housing), Polycarbonate (bottom housing), Stainless steel (feet)
Dimension: 140 x 400 mm (5.5 x 15.7 inch)
Angle: 8 or 12 degree
Weight: 1.6kg (3.5lbs)
PCB: Developed based on ps2avrGB firmware and Bootmapper GUI with permission from

- Exent Basic Kit: from $198 (inclusive of housing, plate and PCB)
- Exent Premium Kit: from $275 (inclusive of basic kit, stabs, switches and GMK Keyset)

Additional Parts 
- PCB $35
- Aluminium plate $30
- Brass plate $55
- 8 deg feet $25
- 12 deg feet $40
- Polycarbonate bottom case $50
- Aluminum bottom case $80

- Shipping will be from Malaysia
- US $50
- Asia $25
- Europe $40

Project Timeline
- Groupbuy ends 22th February 2016
- Payment deadline 28th February 2016
- Production 12-16 weeks

Moderator edit: removed link to order form, as this group buy is long over.


1. How long will the GB be open for and when is payment due?
Check project timeline in the first post.

2. Availability of MOD switches?
Form has been update. MOD-L and MOD-M are available now for +$40.

3. Factory Assembly?
Everything is pre-assembled except for stabilizers, switch and front LEDs.

4. ETA for GMK render?
No ETA. Sherryton/the team will keep us informed as details develop.

5. What extra keys will the GMK set come with?
The keys shown in the existing render + 4 keys for ISO + 3 keys for split spacebar.

6. What kind of stabilizers will be included? When ordering additional stabilizers on page 2, does 1 set include all stabilizers needed for standard layout? What brand are the stabilizers? Will the GMK set in the Premium kit support the split spacebar layout?
Standard and screw-in type (both are PCB mounted). Comes is 5 x 2u and 1 x 6.25u. They are supplied by GMK. The form has been updated, you pick either or both of them for additional parts now. And yes, 5 x 2u is enough for split spacebar layout.

7. Is underglow LED configurable and RGB?
Yes, through BootMapper Client winkeyless.

8. How do we order two boards?
Yes. Just submit a second form and a put a remark at the note section.

9. Can we see a difference between the plates or is it just a weight difference? Does one let the LED light shine through more than the other?
You can see the difference but the options are for people who want to try a different typing feel. Brass is denser than steel but not as hard. It has nothing to do with the LED, though the silver anodized aluminum plate is more reflective.

10. What feet are those on the engineering sample? 8 or 12 degrees?
8 deg

11. What is the option 'Under-declare parcel value to $80? Can you mark the parcel as gift?
Its an option for them to declare the package as being valued under $80. This can help people dodge some custom taxes and stuff, though has some small risks. All parcel will be marked as gift.

12. How do we order two boards?
Yes. Just submit a second form and a put a remark at the note section.

13. Will we have a chance to edit our information before the GB closes? If we already used the form, can we change it?
I've enabled "Edit after submit" feature. You should be able to edit it after submission. In case you can't do it, you may submit another one and put a remark at the note section.

14. Will the GMK set ever be sold seperately, like on the Originative store?

15. Which color should I pick?
Get both or all.

#Update 2nd January 2018
1. Basic Kit (except gray) all shipped
2. Basic Kit (gray) - all shipped
3. Basic Kit with addons - all shipped
4. Premium Kit going on - shipping

Collecting the anodized aluminum bottom tomorrow. Will update on how it goes.

#Update 7th December 2017
1. Basic Kit (except gray) all shipped
2. Basic Kit (gray) - shipped by the week of 11th Dec
3. Basic Kit with addons - shipped by week of 11th Dec
4. Premium Kit going on - shipping out in the week of 18th Dec

Machining for aluminum bottom has been completed. Expect for another week for anodizing.

LED Repair Guide

Kindly fill the form if you have received a cracked bottom

#Update 9th August 2017

Been awhile since the last update from us. This will serve as the update section, we are committed to updating everyone on a weekly basis.

Top case: Machining has been completed, anodizing is in progress. We had received of the gray parts, finishing isn't really up to our expectation, they were sent back for rework. The top part will be delivered in batches according to colors.

Bottom Polycarbonate: Machining in progress.

Bottom Aluminum: Will commence as soon as the machining for polycarbonate bottom is completed.

Stainless steel feet: Fabrication completed.

PCB: Fabrication completed. Awaiting QC and delivery.

Plate aluminum: Anodizing in progress.

Plate brass: Fabrication in progress.

GMK set: Fabrication in progress.

Packaging/Boxes/Screws/Bumpons: On hand.

The machining of the polycarbonate is identified to be the critical path for the whole delivery. First was the delayed in the commencement of fabrication of it, we were later informed that the machine has to be programmed to be slower in order to avoid excessive heat generation, which will cause warping in the machine parts. Thus further lengthen the whole process. At this rate, we are looking to starting the delivery by late September/October, and to completely deliver by early December.   


TARO! Basically means the keyboard is made with yam. Good stuff! Bump!


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