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I see, you meant stickies in other subforums.

Well a couple from here, but yeah, lots of outdated things :p

My comments on your recommended un-sticky candidate threads: - Many are missing or simply not active any more.  - true, though until someone puts together a better one, it's something. - Perhaps down to Hoggy (not sure how that even works).  - can talk to hoggy directly about these - As above, but it isn't used. - can talk to hoggy directly about these - There are so many new switches with reviews, and they just aren't posted here. Isn't serving it's purpose. - this can be potentially expanded, leaving for now - 3 year old post about iMav needing donations for GH.  -unstickied - Software test.  - and a very useful one!  I use it for every new keyboard build/PCB test. - Not relevant to anything used anymore.  - unstickied and moved to Signature Plastics subforum. - 5 year old post for the wiki that isn't used/updated etc. - leaving for now for historical value / progress log, in case someone decides to revive the Wiki.  Modified the title slightly. - Not updated information about shipping. - PM'd the OP - Was useful in a different era of keyboard building.  - unstickied - Last updated in 2014.  - unstickied

Good stuff, Photoelectric.

Good To Know


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