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 I would choose Austin Texas. Pretty centrally located, local for a lot of GHers,  and most important (for me), close enough for me to visit my family. :)

Depends on time and location. School definitely didn't let me go last year, but I'm hoping it won't be as chaotic this time around. I hope cptbadass makes it so we can go to Galloping Ghost if it's in Chicago, but anywhere that's easiest for all would be grand.

Vegas is always a cheap place to fly... Chicago, New York, or Atlanta isnt bad either. Although Asheville, Austin, Portland, etc are awesome places, its difficult for a lot of people to get there easily.


--- Quote from: tameone on Sun, 15 January 2017, 20:38:14 ---Chicago or Indianapolis. Indy being within striking distance of Chicago, Cincy, Columbus, Louisville,  even St Louis.

--- End quote ---

For the sake of change, I recommend someplace other than Chicago.  I think more southernly destination with cheaper flights from around the nation is a good idea, like Vegas, Texas, or Florida.

And somebody always says Indianapolis.  Nobody wants to visit Indianapolis unless they have to.  In addition, Indy is not a hub airport and does not have cheap flights from most locations.  Having a KeyCon there will not attract very many people, unless, of course, myself and a couple other people decide to go absolutely nuts with planning the best most awesome KeyCon ever and nobody will care if it's in some boring Midwest town.

And Reddit really seems to be a catalyst for various regional meetups these days, which I believe has reduced the popularity of the national meetup.  Just a thought.


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