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Title: Ergonomics: Interesting threads
Post by: hoggy on Tue, 11 February 2014, 11:33:51

About this list:
This thread is locked - if you want to suggest anything, then please take a look at the discussion thread (link is just below).
The discussion thread (

Please recommend a Keyboard:
We'd love to, but everyone is a bit different.  We won't stop you from lurking around the forum, but you are more than welcome to create a new thread and we'll try to help you out.  By the way, have you seen your doctor?

(Looking for suggestions on a rough guide of things to mention, such as where the pain is, current keyboard, number of hours typing each day)



Specific Keyboards

Keyboards in Development -

Extinct Keyboards (

One Handed/Chorded Keyboards

DIY Keyboards

(in no particular order)

(if you have any suggestions, please let me know)

The qwerty layout hasn't had it's day yet, but there are other layouts to take a look at.  A lot of the layouts have claimed improved speed and accuracy, but you might find comfort to be a better reason to switch.  Both Dvorak and Colemak will reduce finger travel distance to around 50%.

The type of switch used can make a huge difference to the keyboard.  A lot of keyboards are available in a choice of switches, and it's possible (with varying degrees of difficulty from prising open the switch case to desoldering the whole board) to change the switches in an existing keyboard.
Bottoming out (pressing the key through it's full travel distance so it hits the bottom) can be a source of discomfort to some users - it also contributes to louder typing).   
Switch Review Directory (
Dampening (


(Always open to suggestions for sub categories)

Mice and Other Pointing Devices:

(Always open to suggestions for sub categories)


(Looking for suggestions for sub categories)


(Always open to suggestions for sub categories)


You, the User:

Title: Re: GH Ergonomics Guide
Post by: vivalarevolución on Fri, 14 February 2014, 16:49:45
Thank, hoggy, this looks great so far.  Get enough info here, and maybe one of us can use the information as a thesis for graduate school.