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[FS] / [WTS] Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard For Mac In Box - Used


For sale is a used Matias Tactile Pro keyboard for Mac.
Made in 2004 with three USB 2 ports, USB plug into computer, white Alps switches.
I'm the original owner and we had a good run. Keys are slightly off-white and some of them will get the "Tactile Pro curse" and repeat the symbol a few extra times when pressed, instead of registering it once. Resetting the caps on those keys fixes the problem for a while but it usually comes back. I've read online that the true remedy is to replace the trouble switches (which I haven't done) but I just don't want to deal with it any longer. I'm a typist and this keyboard is frustrating to use at times.

I want to get at least half of what I payed for it, and it's a fine keyboard that has the potential to be perfect, in more patient hands.

$75 with free shipping.

Approval bump :thumb: GLWS!

Hey Hoff,
I want to take this post down since there's no activity. I don't know how to do it, or if an admin needs to do it.


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