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[GB] bully - a base-kit compatible 40% keyboard | some units shipping now!

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"where i'm from, bullies get bullied"

bully is a 40% keyboard designed by phoenix and I of mkh studio. Its 13.5u WK layout is designed to be physically and row-compatible with base keycap sets that are missing minimal 40% keyboard support ("3-key"). Inspired by many great and odd boards I have loved or longed for, it has a comfortably low typing angle of 4.0 degrees, modest design sensibilities, and the pleasant vibes of a firm plateless mount. It is also inspired by me buying a bunch of keysets that don't have 40's support built into them. We hope you like it.

coffee break keyboards
price: $199.99 USD

Preorders are live from January 13th 9:00 AM PST on cbkbd, with unlimited preorder slots until January 30th, at which point the manufacturing orders will be placed, and a few limited pre-order slots will remain. You can expect this to fulfill by Late Q1/Early Q2 2023. Updates will be provided here, but if you want to see less serious updates, you can get the bully role and join #bully over in the 40% Keyboards discord.


pcb tadpole mount
4 degree typing angle
22.4mm ekh (explanation)
8mm/3mm bezels
aluminium case featuring alignment keys and a recessed USB port
1.6mm FR4 PCB, with APM32F072 MCU, compatible with QMK/VIAL (QMK PR)
C3 Unified Daughterboard

kit contents
1x PCB
1x JST-SH cable, 50mm
1x daughterboard
10x 50A durometer Geonworks Tadpoles
10x 70A durometer Geonworks Tadpoles
A top and bottom case
some SKUF feet
0x plate

PCB edge cuts and plate files will be provided publicly (linked in this thread, my Github, this site, and the #bully channel in the 40% discord) later.

The top and bottom case colors are available in:
Black (as seen on Qull)
Lilac (ano sample)
Blue (ano sample)

(note: anodization on this unit is from the proto manufacturer, and may differ from production sets)
more photos


sound tests

* phoenix, the engine for this project, who never found a request/demand he couldn't respond "ez" to
* kokaloo for the fantastic photos and also picking me up from the airport and treating me to his hotel's continental breakfast
* render genius sax, not only for these renders, but the ones you've done before, even if you don't remember doing them
* design works labs industries studio, for the extremely helpful DFM advice
* dom, egg, elia, gggggg, matt, milo, panda, pizza, waffle, and vintr, for keeping my spirits up through this boards messy genesis
* alas and bears for the hail mary support and putting up with the weird way I wanted to do things
* the goons of mkh studio

* case: sent over for re-finishing at
* pcb/db: arrived at cbkbd
* feet: arrived at cbkbd
* screws: arrived at cbkbd
* tadpoles: arrived at cbkbd
* jst cables: arrived at cbkbdMore1.16.2023: MOQ passed
1.18.2023: plan is to close orders after CNY and place manufacturing order at that time. finalizing silkscreen.
1.27.2023: clarify on when unlimited preorders are closed, and specify date that manufacturing orders will be placed.
2.5.2023: "putting in orders for all the bits and bobs right now, all quantities are finalized and there is now a limited number of units on the listing"
2.24.2023: tadpoles have arrived, screws have shipped, pcb, db, & case are all in production right now (with cases expected to ship from manu late Feb/early March, JST cables quoted, feet sourced
3.7.2023: case in anodizing
3.10.2023: pcb in assembly
3.11.2023: db's on the way, feet for delivery
3.28.2023: case needs re-finishing. it's being sent over to Jake of for koting
4.12.2023: purple and silver matched. blue and black matches are finalizing.
4.20.2023: koting starts
5.12.2023: posted hhkb top file to git

where no thock mount glwic :thumb:


This has good energy.

where i'm from, bullies who bully bullies get bullied. i love bully


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