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[CLOSED][GB] ZERO-G x Domikey Arrogant Cat Keycaps



ZERO-G's new theme - Arrogant Cat. It is a theme for his British shorthair.


As a cat-person, ZERO-G doesn't really mean to say his cat is arrogant. Such arrogance of his cat is kind of sign that his cat is familiar with and truts him and feel comfortable with him. He chooses the Lilac colour as the theme colour for arrogance. As ZERO-G puts it, the Lilac colour isn't so strong to be aggressive, it is soft but makes you feel it isn't able to be played with. Just like how he feels with his cat in their daily life.

If you are a cat-person as well, you won't miss the lovely keycap theme.

You can find those cats' toys in Novel kit.


* Cherry Profile
* PBT Dye sublimation

* GB CLOSE on 11th December PST
* Estimated delivery April 2023
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