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Poker keyboard ROUND TWO interest check.

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Now that we are actually receiving the keyboards from the first order, I feel comfortable now gauging interest for a second order.

Pricing for the Poker 60% (40%) keyboard is as follows:

$90 - MX-Blue
$95 - MX-Brown
$95 - MX-Black
$99 - MX-Red

These will be black with black ABS keys (with white lettering). There is also a separate set of replacement PBT keys available for sale at $30 each.

NOTE: this pricing does not including shipping costs from my location to you.  You pay actual shipping costs (you pick delivery method) from Wisconsin, USA.  This will also include cost for a box to pack your keyboard in.  Stay tuned in the first order thread for the cost of those.

So, all I really need to know now is if you are interested and, if so, what and how many.  If there is sufficient demand, I will start another pre-order.Now back to packing orders for the Round 3 double shot group buy........

i am from europe, but is there any response due the fact the groupbuy last so long?
why we had to wait so long although the boards on ebay and elswhere were sold long before?

is there any information from the seller about this?
will he ship faster this time?

I know that they manufactured our order on we had to wait for that process.  I will follow up to see if they actually have stock to sell us now.

For this group buy I'd probably be interested in:

1x Poker w/ Blues
3x PBT keycap sets

What time frame were you thinking of placing the order with KBC?

I'm interested in a set of pbt keycaps


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