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[Group Buy] Moogle Kit 2: Supplement Cherry Double Shots

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I wanted to see how many of you guys would still be interested in some supplement doubleshot keys for your incomplete Cherry sets.   Just to be clear, I'm specifically talking about the control, windows, alt, space, menu and caps lock keys.

I'd be willing to organize or co-organize this group buy.  [strike]Since I'm new here, I wouldn't mind fronting the costs myself if enough people sign up for sets.  I know nothing about the Group Buy 4 and whether this is planned to be in there, but it would possibly take a small burden off of those guys if it were separate anyway.  [/strike]

I bugged Melissa over at SP for a quote.  These costs don't include custom legends (which I would really like to do).  I found a near perfect match to the Cherry keys if that works out.  Custom legends would add ~$25 per key.


Pricing cannot be combined on the white and black sets.  50 white sets and 50 black sets will be priced at 50 sets for all of them.

100 sets (50W/50B):  $16.09/set

Legend cost:  $210 (about $2 each)

I will try to keep the final cost at around $18

Update: Color choices

I think I'll ask you guys to update your posts with the following color choices and quantities (X = quantity):

(X)WHITE: black legends on beige/grey with white space bar
(X)BLACK: white legends on black

[strike](X)GREY: white legends on grey/beige[/strike]         Beyond the scope of this kit.


2X Alt
2X Control
2X Windows Logo
1X Space Bar
1X Menu Key
1X Caps Lock
1X Right Shift

(possibly - space saver layouts like G80-1800's didn't have a long numpad 0 or + : seems to fit the criteria of this kit)
[strike] 1X Numpad 0 [/strike]     --Since this would be the only white key with legends, it would cost an extra $50 for the color change, then the legend fee on top of that.  Probably no.
[strike] 1X Long +   [/strike]     --No point just having one numpad key.

(we shouldn't need the blank windows keys - let me know)

Once everyone has done this, I'll make a list.  I think editing posts is the best way to do this, because then we can keep it down to 1 post per person.  I'll check back periodically and update the list.

Update: Order Requests

1 xbb (2)WHITE (2)BLACK    

2 rightbraingeek: (2)WHITE (2)BLACK

3 litster: (3)WHITE (3)BLACK  ***

4 mmmty: (1)WHITE (1)BLACK

5 Atenacius: (1)BLACK

6 lopan: (3)BLACK

7 reaper: (1)WHITE (1)BLACK

8 lysol: (1)BLACK

9 Laggy-gaga: (2)WHITE (1)BLACK

10 hashbaz: (1)WHITE (1)BLACK

11 Supergleep: (2)BLACK  (1)WHITE

12 soulfree914: (5)WHITE  (2)BLACK       ***

13 Goly: (1)WHITE

14 toast: (1)WHITE

15 oddsratio: (1)BLACK

16 jpm804: (1)WHITE (1)BLACK

17 duq: (1)WHITE

18 N8N: (3)WHITE (2)BLACK         ***

19 Grond: (1)BLACK

20 tsangan (1)WHITE (1)BLACK  -- 1 or 2?

21 lemonboy (1)WHITE

22 The_Ed  (1)BLACK

23 Ascaii  (1)WHITE (1)BLACK

24 kaiserreich (1)WHITE (1)BLACK

25 Hakhu (2)BLACK (2)WHITE       ***

26 xmrxkrazy (1)WHITE (1)BLACK

27 HongE (1)WHITE (2)BLACK

28 wanabe (1)BLACK

29 Lpb45 (1)BLACK (1)WHITE

30 MrPhil (1)BLACK

31 BiNiaRiS (1)BLACK (1)WHITE

32 dux (1)WHITE (1)BLACK

33 calavera (2)WHITE (1)BLACK

34 agor (1)WHITE

35 jat4 (1)BLACK

36 the_buff (2)BLACK (1)WHITE

37 StinkyTofu (1)WHITE (1)BLACK

38 lootbag (1)WHITE

39 CeeSA (1)WHITE (1)BLACK

40 arc2 (2)WHITE (2)BLACK           ***

41 ripster (1)WHITE (1)BLACK

42 Torgee (1)WHITE (1)BLACK

43 cycloverid (me) (4)WHITE

44 iWuzHere (1)WHITE

45 gilgam (2)WHITE (2)BLACK

46 kidchunks (1)BLACK

47 spdx (2)BLACK

48 MissileMike (3)BLACK

TOTAL:  111


count me in

I'm pretty sure this will be an option in group buy 4.

Yep. Count me in, too.  

***New Quantity due to price change:
[strike](2)(3)(2)[/strike] (3) WHITE
[strike](2)(3)(2)[/strike] (3) BLACK
Thought I'd add extras in GB4; but currently not cheaper @ $20/set and would take much longer.  So back to (3) sets of each color.  Additional payment sent.

Updated, again.  
Updated, 2x's.
Updated, 3x's the charm.

I am in.  Are you going to do both black and white/beige?  I am also interested in a moogle kit for Dolch keys.  Basically the same keys in a moogle set in Round 3's STANDARD Set color.


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