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Square and Compass key

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Anyone know if this SVG would be doable by SP?? (or is there too much fine detail?)

plain color maybe, but the lines are too thin i think, even if some line on soe characters are as thin as these.
It is better to ask them :-)

Bah. Hardcore freemasons donīt use keyboards. They use Kinect and secret handshakes ... :-P

Now it makes sense, they run world AND this website.

I heard from 7_bit that the lines must be at least 0.2mm thick with the gaps between each line at least 0.5mm thick.

Also, the graphic can only be 9.04mm wide and 10.84mm tall, or vice-versa--I'm not sure.  

If no one has opened your SVG in a vector graphics editor and measured it by this evening then I'll take a look.

Well, if you scale it down proportionally it should work.  The measuring ticks are about 0.6mm apart, but a few would have to go.  Also, not sure if the angles would end up sharp or be sort of rounded.  I'll post the shrunken version tomorrow so you can see for yourself.


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