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Filco Minila Air Space Bar Double-Tapping Problem (Intermittent)

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It was repaired and I've just received it today.

Andy diagnosed it as "The switches solder pin hadn't 'stuck' to the solder."

Thanks for the quick turnaround.

Great, glad to hear it!

I am actually seeing the same issue with my Filco keyboard. Some days it's really bad and frustrates me to no end. Other days it only happens a couple of times.

Details for my keyboard:
MFR: Filco
Model: FKBC104MC/EB2 (FILCKFBT2-33)
Serial Number: 150103031
Majestouch Convertible 2 Bluetooth
Purchase Date: July 2015

I was hoping that this was still under warranty and I could work out some kind of exchange. This is the only post that I have been able to find that has the same problem as me. I hope someone from the previous posts might be able to help me out......please and thank you!!!

I see in previous posts about this issue that this can be fixed with a soldering solution. I'm up for trying that myself if someone is able to provide some pictures and instruction.

Thank you

Hi Matthew, if you bought the keyboard from KeyboardCo, please get in touch with our support and we'll do what we can to help:


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