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[IC] Cherry G80-3494 MX Silent Keyboard

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Hello all!

Would you be interested in owning your very own Cherry G80-3494 MX Silent Keyboard?:

Speak up and let your voice of interest be heard.

Very, but I know that shipping to Europe would be prohibitive.

I mean yeah if its got the silent blacks that i can desolder and use elsewhere... then sell the board for a few bucks.  :thumb:

Need more FC980M with silent switches.

Cherry needs to trim that bezel and get better caps.

Just tell cherry you guys want the switches.


--- Quote from: SpAmRaY on Fri, 12 May 2017, 17:34:03 ---Cherry needs to trim that bezel and get better caps.

--- End quote ---

Can you imagine how much sturdier that board would be if you incorporated that extra plastic into a more compact package?

That all being said I still stalk the incoming/arrival page.  Silent MX Reds are HOT HOT HOT!  Since you are receiving WASD Codes have you considered including their Silent MX Red boards as well?


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