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Hey! I'm loving the VIA Configurator but there's one thing I can't figure out. I'm trying to make a single key that is equivalent to holding down three keys (control + alt + win). I have this working on a GH60 board (QMK) so I assume it's possible with the VIA Configurator and this board.

1. Is this type of macro possible with the VIA Configurator macro editor?

2. Is this the right "Chord" string format to use for the macro: {KC_LCTL,KC_LALT,KC_LGUI}

I using it with a Zeal60 R2 board, which seems to work great with VIA Configurator otherwise. Maybe it's the board, maybe it's configurator, maybe it's my chord string, etc.

Thanks for making the VIA Configurator and for any guidance you can provide on this.


I'm trying to do this exact same thing at the moment. Did you ever figure out if you could do this?

Try this solution:


1. Download the latest firmware for your PCB from
2. Flash your PCB using the latest firmware using QMK Toolbox
3. Code your preferred macro chord; i.e., LCTRL + PGUP = {KC_LCTL,KC_PGUP}
4. Assign the macro chord to your designated keypress
5. Enjoy!

Hope this helps.


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