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Sensitive Works:
GoMaster - Fossil

Hey guys! I am KLXH. It's been far too long since we last caught up.

What I'd like to introduce to you this time is the new design from our studio - "Fossil"  Imprint of Time.

As the New Year begins, I wanted to take a moment to send my warmest wishes your way. May this year bring you boundless joy, success, and countless memorable moments. Cheers to a fantastic year ahead!"


Drawing inspiration from Fossils, with colors reflecting the bone structures and carbonized elements found within these ancient remnants.
Mineralization Base Kit || Carbonization Alpha Kit40's Kit || SB Kitinternational Kit

Renders are just for reference


Material: PBT
Manufacturing Method: Thermal Sublimation
Keycap Profile: Cherry
Manufacturer: GoMaster
Compatibility: Cherry MX and MX clone switches
Designer: SenSitive Works
Manufacturer: GoMaster as a new brand co-founded by Jr.Mars and a reputable studio Designer Studio, will aim at more affordable dye-sub keycaps and mechanical switches in the near future.

Price: Price of the Base kit is about $45.

If you are interested in GoMaster Fossils, stay tuned to the announcement, and don't forget to join the GoMaster Discord for further updates!

If you are a vendor and interested in Fossils, contact GoMaster (gomasterkb).

Discord: Works)

For Cooperation please contact :gomasterkb in our Discord channel

Some links to real-life pictures of GoMaster's previous works (GoMaster-Salmon; Designed by JR.Mars)






Are you able to fit the text for 1.5u backspace within a single line? Would look better than having it on 2 lines!

Can 1u, 1.25u, 1.5u, 1.75u bars be added somewhere? Preferably into the spacebar kit

Awesome design! Reminds me of Pre G80-1000 Cherry keycaps. The pricing is super nice as well. How is the quality though? Hope you can post some pics of actual sets before the GB starts. I think that would go a very long way to helping you guys sell these. Anyways GLWIC!

I'm not familiar with this manufacturer. Do you have any information or samples/examples of their work?


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