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[IC] KCH (Keyreative) War Maiden -- Deskmat collab added.

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KCH War Maiden

IC Form

My name is Keebhoarder., and Iíd like to introduce my first keycap set. So why War Maiden?
Well first of all, I'm but a simple weeb. I don't see a character set I like, I struggle to make one.

Hold on, a weeb set? Youíre damn right it is. This is for all of us degenerates who are big fans of that one tearjerker of a show.

Color Scheme

Keycap Lore:

Blue is derived from her top. It certainly sticks out as it's basically highlighted by the lighter cream colored dress that she wears underneath.
The emerald green comes from her brooch, which also has an emerald gem; this is her most precious treasure, given to her by someone she
considers a major character in her life. The brown legends and red accents come from a combination of her boots, belts/straps, and her ribbon.

Now, as to why I named the set War Maiden: It's because she was once a ruthless soldier for the opposing army. But after
meeting a certain someone, her whole world changed. "War" symbolizes her involvement in the story's conflict, and "Maiden"
highlights her feminine side. War Maiden is a title that perfectly suits our heroine!

However, even though the first thing I mentioned earlier was that this is a weeb set, because the anime itself is
supposedly Western in setting, I decided not to include hiragana or katakana sublegends.

Cream: RAL 9001
Brown: RAL 8017
Blue: RAL 5003
Emerald: RAL 6029
Red: RAL 3032

About the Manu change

Initially, the plan was to get the set produced by KeyBee Manufacturing (KBM) but due to circumstances that were out of our control, we couldn't move forward with this. However, Keyreative, who actually produced the sample that's currently in my hands, graciously offered to manufacture the set as they are also looking to expand their new Cherry profile line called KCH. We took this opportunity to finally fulfill our promise to a couple of people who admittedly have lost almost all hope, but had a bit of lingering fire still lit up deep inside.

(All done by: dudeship (Discord))


"No letter that could be sent deserves to go undelivered"


"I want to know what 'I Love You' means..."


"Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectations."


"You were the first person to ever be nice to me. You meant the world to me."


"The worst battle is between what you know, and what you feel"


"Dead people receive more flowers than living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude."

Sample Photos
(Pics by: Captain Sterling)

(All done by: dudeship (Discord))

CMM Studio - Fuji65

Hand Engineering x Dalesnail - Dalco 959 Mini

Cable Car Design - Phoenix TKL


Evergarden by fiction12 (Discord here) -- GB finished

More- Sale Type: Private GB (Waifu.Works)
- Layout: 65% WK
- Material: Aluminum 6063
- Color: Beige Anodization
- Mounting: Leaf Spring Top Mount / O-Ring
- Typing Angle: 7.5 degrees
- Front Height: ~19mm w/o bumpons
- Price: $355
- Units: ~50 including extras
- Plate: 5052 Aluminum Plate or FR4
- PCB: Custom Hotswap PCB by fjlabs


- Sandblasted, uncoated/coated external brass weight w/ a character engraving
- Top right blocker w/ a laser etched floral design
- Brass peeker badge under top right blocker
- Extended chamfered seam across the side of the board


Actual Unit Pics (with War Maiden samples):

Don't mind the right shift, the samples didn't have the small right shift.  :))

- duckycaps
- shirobite
- SnaccThief


- 1stgarden



CN: Keyreative (Confirmed)
OCE: Allcaps (Confirmed)
EU: Keygem (Confirmed)

Manufacturer: Keyreative
Material: Dyesub PBT
Profile: Cherry
Pricing: TBD
Sale type: GB/In-stock
Sale date: September (Tentative)

Changelog (latest to oldest)

-- Removed Basilkeys.
-- Removed CandyKeys as vendor.
-- Added 1stgarden as a deskmat collaborator.
-- Added more vendors. Added another collaborator.
-- Added duckycaps and shirobite as collaborators.
-- Added BasilKeycaps as a collaborator.
-- Manu changed from KBM to Keyreative.


it me, Keebhoarder.

Discord: Keyreative, Waifu.Works
Discord handle: keebhoarder.
Instagram: keebhoarder
Reddit: u/Keebhoarder

Special thanks to: SamVomAuenland, AsiaSpace, LorDuy05, Berkan, YYX, KBM, and Keyreative.

happy to see this finally get done after the KBM fiasco. GLWIC!

It's happening pog

any reason why the brooch novelty isn't in green?

feel like that's kind of a major one


--- Quote from: whomad1215 on Wed, 03 April 2024, 20:20:20 ---any reason why the brooch novelty isn't in green?

feel like that's kind of a major one

--- End quote ---

It makes sense, but it would also kinda force people to buy the Brosche accent kit just for it. Trying to see what we can do to include a brooch keycap.


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