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[IC] TAC x Angry Miao TAC-P1 V2 Donut | 19 key numpad


Crazy Designers:
TAC x Angry Miao TAC-P1 V2 Donut

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During a previous IC check we received many requests for a numpad, so that's why we decided to collab with TACWORKS and deliver the TAC x Angry Miao TAC-P1 V2 Donut! Our collab numpad features 20 keys and is crafted from aluminum using CNC. To ensure a satisfying typing feel and sound profile while keeping its dimensions compact the numpads uses a gasket mount. Of course, tri-mode connectivity (USB Type-C / Bluetooth / 2.4G) and RGB are not missing either.

IC form:


Manufacturer: TACWORKS
Layout: 19 keys
Material: 6063 aluminum alloy
CMF: CNC machining, anodizing, ceramic composite coatings, UV printing
PCB: tri-mode connectivity, QMK/VIA, RGB, hotswap
Connectivity: USB Type-C, Bluetooth, 2.4G
Mounting type: gasket mount
Plate: PC (dual-side sandblasted), additional FR4 plate
Battery: 1500mah
Weight: 570g


Please let us know what you think through the IC form:



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