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if it ends up vaporware i promise it’s not on purpose

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This board got cloned twice before I got to release it so I kinda have to write this IC now.

--- Quote from: hali at 12/23/2021 4:53 PM ---okguyshear me out herecatboyalicenyawice
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--- Quote from: hali at 12/23/2021 4:55 PM ---stop me
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Renders by dudeship


final colours may not be representative of those displayed in renders. also the first orange looked kinda weird so i’m gonna pull some strings to make it lighter




current revision has no round cherry lip and instead has hg along the front and back as shown in the unbuilt orange proto

Full Album


Build log by xinxinwong

Soundtest by me


Features- Alice - F1 mount but curvy- F1 size but cute- Silicone friction fit nose- Big alu cat ears- Lots of top engravings- Round HG/LZ-SE/959 Mini whatever side profile- Stupid cute heart shaped LEDs- Cat butt- “Seamless”, “screwless”- PCB designed by calliah featuring art by my friend sena- S1 Unified Daughterboard- Standard 8 mm Bumpons
Tech SpecsLayoutAliceMountingLeaf Spring F1 Mount[1]Typing Angle9°Switch CompatibilityMXFront Face Height at Chin15 mmFront Face Height at Ctrl Keys18.229 mmAdjusted Front Height[2]19.690 mmEffective Keyboard Height[2]23.625 mmCase Material6063 AluminumPlate Material5052 AluminumWeight MaterialClear coated brass, whichever one DDS usesColoursSilver plate and bottom case with pink/orange/lavender top case

no 2u bar because it makes clip ins weird


idk yet, message me on discord please

Going to preemptively mention that this keyboard will likely not be good for your wallet. I’m personally aiming for under $600 but we’ll see what happens when I get a vendor who knows more about this than me.

May 1st, 2024: IC posted

More colour options?
Maybe? Depends on if DDS doesn’t charge me more and if vendors are cool with more SKUs.

I’ve given Callie enough money and she will also extort me because she doesn’t want to make it. I highly recommend hitting up a local builder and getting your board millmaxed if hotswap is the route you want to take.

Polycarbonate case/plate?
PC cases kinda scare me after trying to fix warped horses for months. As for plate, I really only see myself offering alu since it works best with the leaf spring.

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More- Patty for using sugar mommy funds to help me prototype this
- calliah, but I’m still not running the keychain
- @_megrocks for enabling me and creating this
- Hatsune Miku for letting me use her as promotional material even though she’s not even my cat
- Susan and the rest of Mintlodica for using it in a render a couple times and getting me 200 Instagram followers in one day in what was basically a feline orbital strike at my target market
- literally everybody i led on by not doing anything with this
- Sena and Gus for helping with the journey, even if they couldn’t stay the whole way

[top]^ 1. Alu only.
^ 2. Measured at the Control keys and without feet.




catboy hali at it again, this nice.


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