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[IC] AM RGB 65 | 65% with custom RGB panel

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Crazy Designers:
AM RGB 65 by Angry Miao

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Hey there! I'm so excited to share the design of the AM RGB 65 with you all. This is a 65% layout keyboard that was inspired by the classic Game Boy, and we first unveiled it back in 2021.

Over the past three years, I have to admit that there were times when I almost gave up on this project. But your encouragement and support kept me going. I ended up modifying the design numerous times, and there were even points where I redid the entire thing from scratch. But you know what they say - sometimes you have to keep tweaking and refining, but in the end, you just can't beat the original concept.

After all the long hours spent developing the structure, making demo boards, adjusting the colors, debugging the hardware, and working through all the other nitty-gritty details, the AM RGB 65 is finally ready! This has been a real labor of love, and I'm so proud to be able to share it with the community. I hope you all love it as much as I do!

IC form:


Layout: 65%
Typing Angle: 8
CMF: CNC aluminum
Mount: Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount
Plate: FR4 plate
LEDs: LED panel with 200 LED beads, in-switch RGB
PCB: 1.2mm hot-swap with in-switch LEDs and cutouts. Supports real-time keymapping through AM Master.
Connectivity: Tri-Mode 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth and wired (USB Type-C)
Remapping: All keys support remapping and assigning multimedia keys (except the Fn+Esc power on combo). Up to 7 layers are supported. Real-time keymapping supported in AM Master.
Battery: Lithium polymer 10000mAh



The AM RGB 80 takes its inspiration from Nintendo's Game Boy from the 1980s. We extracted its classic elements, such as its asymmetrical rounded corner design, integrated screen, and speaker grille. By using a large LED panel and applying CNC machining, we integrated these classic elements into a piece of modern technology. I'm incredibly proud of how we were able to pay homage to that beloved handheld while pushing the boundaries of what's possible.



* Three unique colorways (Cloud White / Cyber Gray / Violet Fury).
* Design inspired by the Nintendo Game Boy.
* Custom LED panel compatible with CYBERBOARD LED effects.
* Replaceable antenna panel inlays in pixel art-style.

* Adjustable leaf spring mount for an adjustable typing feel (harder or softer).
* Keyboard internals optimized for an excellent typing feel with thocky sound profile.
* 8 typing angle for comfortable typing with our without wrist rest.

* Tri-Mode connectivity, supports 2.4G, Bluetooth and wired (USB Type-C).
* Real-time keymapping through AM Master.
Please let us know what you think through the IC form:


Crazy Designers:

A lot has happened in the 1.5 months since we announced the AM RGB 65 here on Geekhack. First of all, we would like to thank you for the overwhelming support and suggestions.

We spent almost 3 years bringing this baby back to life. Join us and drain down the memory lane back to 20-some years ago, when the classic Game Boy was first released and shocked the whole world. We spent a lot of time bringing these reminiscences of the Game Boy to the AM RGB 65.

Thanks to the community's amazing support, we are ready to launch the AM RGB 65 on Kickstarter in mid-July.

A Kickstarter campaign is an complex process that takes a lot of work. As some people would say, the hard work has just begun. Therefore we need your support. Any suggestions are appreciated!

In the mean time, you can subscribe on our Kickstarter page: or on our website for more updates:

Thank you for your amazing support and let's embark on AM RGB 65's journey.

Yo dawg, I heard you like RGB.

*Slaps keyboard*

Looks like a fun rectangle. Good luck!

I like this very real interest check and totally not ad, community input is clearly very important to Angry Miao! Glad to see the $100m investment from Lenovo has allowed you to leverage new avenues like kickstarter to secure further funding!  :thumb:


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