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Hi all,

The folks down (err UP) at Seattle really want me to come over to the July 22nd Meet, so they suggested I start a GoFundMe to fund the tickets and such.

But I wasn't really digging the idea of people just giving me money, so I decided to do a keycap sale where all profits will be used to fund tickets to America to meet all you lovely people! And you get something special in return :)

I've spoken to so many people through this community, and even though you are all so far away I've come to know a lot of you personally and have made many great friendships.

After having the opportunity to meet some of the members here in Melbourne, I've realised how alike we all are and how easily we all get along - it's so much fun gathering around talking about the keyboards/keycaps we're all enthusiastic about. So I'm really excited to have a shot at gathering some funds to make my way down to America in a chance to meet some of you guys in person!

Currently plans are Los Angeles > San Fran > Seattle! Hopefully that lines up with both the Californian meetup (w/ Originative) and the Seattle meetup. Hopefully can make it over to Chicago/NY too, but I'll have to see how budget turns out :) Or perhaps shoot up to Canada from Seattle too, gotta try that poutine everyone's telling me about :p

Anyways, if you're interesting helping out or even just like the keycaps (they're essentially the same price as my other Aluminium caps) then visit the link below. If not, that's all cool too!

Here's the link: but anything for sale on the site helps out, so if you like anything else then go for it! (The red waves are in stock, limited to 50 units) and there's a few liquid series O caps left (highly limited) left too!

So the main Aluminium XO caps are beadblasted to a high-grit finish and anodized in these colours: Mercury, Moon, Black, Rose, Gold, Blue and Green! (The last two being suggested by the Seattle community)
The remainder of the LIQUID series XO are also in stock (these are currently in production and will ship much sooner than the Aluminium variant). Those are milled from stainless steel then hand polished to a mirror finish (and beadblasted on the undercarriage) then also PVD coated (much tougher than anodization).

What the LIQUID XO looks like:

Here's a profile comparison:

Cheers and thanks for listening,


ye b0i :cool:

(づ。◕‿‿◕) づ


--- Quote ---The red waves are in stock, limited to 50 units
--- End quote ---
Been wanting one of these! Bought! Thank you Rama!


--- Quote from: switchnollie on Sat, 14 January 2017, 19:57:01 ---ye b0i 8)

--- End quote ---

YEEBOII Can't wait to catchup switch <3

--- Quote from: Kellybear on Sat, 14 January 2017, 20:00:17 ---(づ。◕‿‿◕) づ

--- End quote ---

Seattle double dates, ENGAGE!

--- Quote from: Belfong on Sat, 14 January 2017, 20:46:56 ---
--- Quote ---The red waves are in stock, limited to 50 units
--- End quote ---
Been wanting one of these! Bought! Thank you Rama!

--- End quote ---

I'll ship it this week! :D Hope it finds a nice home on one of your boards mate :)


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