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Quickfire Rapid PS/2 issue
« on: Sun, 06 July 2014, 11:46:46 »
Hello I have been experiencing an annoying problem with the Quickfire Rapid (MX Blue) particularly over PS/2 though I can replicate the issue with USB occasionally if I am particularly trying to.

I have noticed pressing multiple keys quickly can sometimes lead to the last one not being registered despite very much being pressed. For example pressing 3sz quickly I have found sometimes makes the z not register, particularly when the keys are on different rows. Have no issues on the Steelseries g6v2 in regards to this. I have 2 identical CM storm quickfire rapids, don't ask why, but they share the issue.

This is pretty easy to replicate in PS/2 mode just pressing the keys quickly will inevitably end up with me having z depressed with no response from the computer a good ~20% of the time. Originally I wondered if it was a PS/2 adapter issue but as mentioned my 6gv2 has no issues like this and I tried a different adapter. Is possible to replicate in USB just its pretty hard, have to try many times to reproduce it but it is possible, I doubt it would be noticed in normal use.

Anyway would like any advice on anything that may fix it. I really hope to move to PS/2 for gaming, the repeat rate on windows is just way too low and repeat delay too high. Using filterkeys is not an issue due to it causing loads of annoying bugs ingame. However for me this issue destroys any hope of using this board over PS/2 for me.