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Everglide V3 'Water King' Switch Review

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Hey all,

While I've had an incredible slew of switches come in over the course of the last month, as you may have seen by my frequent mailday postings over on my Twitter and Instagram, I just recently got in a switch I've been very curious to see about. With my opinion having traveled all over the place in recent years about Everglide and their interest in trying to release the first successful transparent clear switch ever, this was not a review I could pass up on. So this week I bring to you a shallow dive on Everglide, the brand, as well as a much deeper review of the Everglide V3 'Water King' Switches!



Good review! If I ever get in the mood for linear switches again (I'm more of a tactile person), I'll definitely keep these switches in mind.

Where to buy these???


--- Quote from: Vadurr on Tue, 02 March 2021, 19:58:24 ---Where to buy these???

--- End quote ---

I believe Drop has them on pre order right now if you're in the US. If not Ali-Express or Tao-bao should have them.

In the review it notes there's a 37g spring weight option, but the Drop buy doesn't include it, and neither do any listings on AliExpress.

As a fan of light switches does anyone know where these can be found?


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