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XD87 with horrible key chatter?

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F eq ma:
Finally got around to building the aliexpress XD87 board that I was going to use as a practice build.   Learned a lot but that is for another day.   My current issue is that the keys chatter horribly.   I have slowed the Windows keybaord “repeat delay” but that is not helping.  Right now the firmware is the default that came with the pcb.

The question is.  Would reflashing the board with QMK firmware be of any benefit.

If it shipped with QMK reflashing will make no difference, if it didn't and QMK defaults (or you tweak it to) a higher debounce time it should help.

What switches did you use for this as your first build?

F eq ma:
I am pretty sure the default firmware is kle.    I will go with QMK.   I am comfortable with C and the compiler.

I went with Kailh box blacks for the switches.   Currently I have a full size filco with mx browns, but it has been acting up with key chatter as well.    May need to see if it is windows issue if I have two boards acting up.   I can live boot a linux distribution…more work to do.

Thanks for the confirmation

F eq ma:
Went back to 101 troubleshooting.   Before jumping into QMK, decided to try the board on a different laptop.   Worked just fine.   Plugged it into the original laptop and it worked fine.   What was the difference?  Plugged it into the laptop itself instead of the usb on the monitor.   

Moved it back to the monitor’s usb to verify it would chatter and it didn’t.   Worked perfectly fine.   What the hell?   That is when I realized I had not plugged back in what was previously in that laptop usb port, i.e my other monitor usb link.   Plugged that back in and key chatter.   

So what was on the secondary monitor’s usb uplink.   I had a external mic and my bdn9 macro pad.    Unplugged the bdn9 and chatter went away.

Basically my macro pad is confusing Windows 10 somehow.  Unsure if it is due to having two “keyboards” enabled at the same time?   Time to Google more.

F eq ma:
Did not completely eliminate the key chatter, but its reduced.    I will probably go QMK since I want to do some key remapping.


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