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Caprice - Custom Discipline 65 case

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Howsit everyone,
I've been lurking for quite a while and in that time, I designed and machined myself a 60% case.  I was a complete noob(still am) and built up the case with a dz60 and lubed box royals.  The build was good enough for me at the time but since then, I have learned a fair bit about keebs and my tastes have certainly matured away from those monstrous switches. :p

Recently, I got my hands on a Discipline 65 kit and thought it was about time that I design and manufacture a second case that incorporates some of what I learned over the past few months.  Anyway, here it is, the Caprice 65.  I will be posting pics as I go and plan to have a finished v1 in a few week's time.  Let me know if you have any comments on the design or foresee any issues that I might have overlooked, I would seriously appreciate some input from the vets out there!!

Here are some screens that should help answer questions about the mounting system.  I decided to go the same route as Rama with their mute system (you know what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery), simply because it was one of the only designs that worked out in my favour.  The fact that the PCB extends past the edge of the plate made designing a gasket mount trickier than I had originally expected.


Finished up with the first two ops of the top frame.  One final operation to go which is drilling and tapping some holes into the 7-degree face.

I think the first plate came out looking great. I plan to make another two, one in brass and another in PC.

These are the rails that fix the gasket and plate to the top frame of the board - they were a nightmare to machine due to the lack of rigidity. I think I may need to add another 2 screw holes to each part to stiffen up the whole assembly.

After another pretty successful afternoon of machining, the acrylic window is finished.  The more I look at this piece, the more obnoxious the branding seems :-\ Let me know if anyone has any thoughts on it or possibly even suggestions on something a little less in your face?  It will be positioned above the Disciplines resistors which should help disguise it a little.  I'll only really know once I finish up with this unit and get cracking with the build.

Fresh off the mill!

After bead blasting with a 30-50 micron glass bead.

This looks really superb. I'm jealous of your modeling / machining skills. Looking forward to seeing a fully assembled proto.


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