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What are your thoughts about running a GB to get some custom stickers made ?
Those stickers can then be used to decorate your laptop/keyboard, or anything else that comes into your mind ! ( CM storm user are probably interested :P)

But first, we need designs and ideas ! Of course the theme will be keyboards/mechkeyboards/geekhack !

I'll list some of my ideas, in the hope it will create some sort of brainstorming and we end up with some totally awesome idea/design !

- Obligatory Geekhack logo, and maybe a Geekhack member sort of thing !
- some set with the major brands? (but there are probably some copyright issues on those) and of course some derivates like « official filco fanboy » or other variants !
- « Clicky keyboards fan »
- Some sort of « Cherry MX blue user »/ « Buckling spring user » / etc… you get the idea.
- « Owned by a badass keyboard addict ! »

Let's see if this community is able to come up with something awesome !

In the end, the logos created could still be used as signature/avatar/wallpaper/whatever, if they don't make it to a sticker !

Some ideas that just popped into my mind:

Imitating the tobacco warning labels: « Mechanical keyboards are extremely addicting and can be hazardous for your wallet »

« I'm a mechanical keyboard, ask my owner if you want to try me ! » logo to spread the holy message !

Some sort of pejorative sticker intended to be ninjasticked on other (non-mechanical) keyboards ! Or maybe anti-gamer message?

I was htinking of a sticker a while back for my macbooks, it would say.. "My other keyboard is mechanical." or something like that.


Are we talking keyboard stickers, bumper stickers and/or nail stickers?
I wouldn't mind a sticker or twenty for my keyboards.


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