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Trying to fit my poker in a case that's barely too small. suggestions???


Lethal Squirrel:
Alrighty, so I'm trying to fit my plate-mounted poker into a regular poker case, but the case is about 1mm, MAYBE 2mm too small. The sides are fine, and the back is all good. the USB port lines up well, Even the screw holes are perfect. It's just that the front sticks out a bit too far. I was thinking about using a heat gun to heat up the case and try to shape it, but I dont that will work so well with the corners. Taking metal off the plate is not really and option.

Here are some pics.

ABS isn't the most pleasant thermoplastic to work with, so i'd avoid that route... it looks like you just need to file down the plastic in front maybe 1-2mm? to get it to fit. try that?

Get a file and sand paper, I wouldn't use any power tools. Use the file to clear the majority of stock and then hit with sand paper to get down to where it fits. Also check often on your progress so you don't go over what you need to take off.

yah and use the usual sandpaper technique of started with a coarse grain to remove material and then progressively finer grain papers to finish and polish

don't worry too much about destroyign the plastic case though. i have a couple extra if you end up needing a new one ;)

Lethal Squirrel:
Awesome! Thanks mkawa. I Think Im going to try scraping off the plastic with a razor blade, and then sanding it smooth. I've done this before on other thing, and it always turns out okay.


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