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--- Quote from: Fragil1ty on Thu, 06 November 2014, 23:15:30 ---
4. I cannot stand blank keycaps, I think they are a waste of money and just do not look that appealing/attractive to me. (I'm currently using Leopold stealth keys, side printed keycaps essentially and I can only just tolerate using these).

5. I think a lot of these esc key replacements, the gas masks, the helmets and all that kind of stuff are just repulsive and why someone would want to put that on their keyboard in the first place is beyond me.

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4. Although I do understand your dislike for them, they are really useful if you want to stop looking at your keyboard and start touch typing better. I have never personally used them, since I learnt how to touch-type without them, but for someone having trouble resisting the temptation of looking I can recommend.

5. I have to agree that those are very repulsing to me, but some artisans like the 4 seasons ones and the jelly eiden ones from dorp are really beautiful, I'm considering putting them on my main board right now.


  Different people have different artistic preferences.  There's an artisan keycap for every style and kink out there.  ;)

I just have a lot of artisans in a box

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I prefer blank keycaps, it looks clean and keeps co-workers off my keeb.

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Linears are all 99.9% the same thing, I don't know why people are so obsessed with getting a dozen different linear switches. Tactiles, on the other hand, are much more interesting.


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