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Cherry MX Clear switch review


The MX Clear. A classic tactile switch from Cherry. Frankly, I wish it was available in more modern keyboards.

A nice switch, not often found in keyboards.  I grabbed a Code with MX clears back in the day before hot swap switches were really a thing, and it is still in rotation.

One thing you didn't mention is the sound - MX clear switches often had a noticeable ping, especially with heavier plates.  My Code doesn't seem to ping much, although in a quiet room I can sometimes hear the occasional ping on some of the keys.

I too had trouble finding these switches! I ordered them loose from ebay and soldered them into a modern board. I like them, but not enough for everyday use; they are just a little too rough-feeling for me, although not as rough as something like black Alps switches. They've got a nice bit of tactility, but are a little too stiff for me as well. These are good enough switches that I'm certain they are some folks' favorites, but I doubt you can know if you like them until you try them. I should mention that my switches were brand new; I have a ton of used MX brown switches that are filled with dust & scratchy, so I suspect it's hit-or-miss to buy them used.
I for one have not noticed any pinging when using clears; but then, I love the IBM model M, so I may just not notice a weaker ping sound.


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