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ePBT Chromatica is a keyset about five women who work at a keyboards design studio.
In the keyset design game, we tend to use other IPs a lot. However, none of these series pertain to the hobby of building and designing keyboards.
So I thought, why not make an artistic project specifically for this hobby?

(If you want more info on the Chromatica Project IP click "more!")
MoreThe Chromatica Project is more or less a combination of my two main hobbies: creative writing and keyboards. Inspired by many slice-of-life series and my own experiences with the hobby, the Chromatica Project follows five women-- Karina, Eve, Amy, Ichie, and Calli-- and their ups and downs while working at Studio Chromatica, a fictional electronics design studio that focuses on keyboard work. Each character will have a fully written story for themselves as well as each participating in the planned Chromatica 4-panel comic series. The 4-Panel series will focus on the beginnings of the studio and day-to-day interactions of each of the members. Character stories will focus on each of the characters' origins and what led them towards joining Studio Chromatica.

This keyset is Studio Chromatica's first project, and surely, it won't be the last!

Update 11/07
+ Updated Novelties Kit
+ Added JIS Kit
+ Added ISO-UK compatibility to the Chromatica Alphas kit
+ Added several questions to the IC (Even if you've already submitted answers, please go back and answer these if you can!)
+ IC Form Polished and Prettied Up
+ Cable Collab Pictures
+ Collaborations Section Added
- Ergo Kit Progress Started

A small clarifying goal from me:
I aim to have physical samples of all of the products being created and sold with the Chromatica project before letting this thing go into a GB. It'll take time and quite a bit of money, but that's okay. With the new reverse dyesub capabilities of ePBT, and the newer creators I am working with, I want to make 100% sure that all main products and collaborative products will be of a quality good for selling. I aim to GB this project in early March of 2022, but that time is subject to change depending on my ability to get and photograph samples in a timely manner.

It is paramount to me that the creators I am working with on this project get a stable first step into working on commercial projects such as this one, and that the customer on the end is satisfied with the quality of what we have created.

Please note that colors may vary from monitor to monitor. Colors matched to a new Pantone Coated Formula Guide.


A photo of chips will be uploaded when I have them available.

Keyboard Renders

U80 by RAMA

Isometria by ebastler

Portico by TKC

D60 Lite by KBDFans

Planck by OLKB (modeled on Eve deskmat)

MisonoWorks Chromatica Ribbon



Deskmats and Character Profile Cards (Collaboration w/ @cardipeemf.)
Illustrations by @cardipeemf. Design and writing by @misonoworks. All proceeds will go to artist.
Deskmats are planned to include cards with exclusive art of the character and an icon enamel pin

Cables (Collaboration w/

Metal Artisans (Collaboration w/ KBM)
(coming soon)

MisonoWorks Ribbon Chromatica/(TBA) Edition Bundle (Collaboration w/ ... me?/(TBA))
Physical prototypes coming soon!
If your keyset is set to run in early March, feel free to contact me about joining up to produce a Ribbon bundle for your keyset! Bundles will include a special weight, special cerakote, keycap set, and deskmat (if applicable.)


USA: Vala Supply
CA: AlphaKeys
South America: Fancy Customs
UK: Prototypist
Asia: KBDFans
AUS/OCE: All Caps

Forum Banner

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Chromatica Project Checklist
✅ Render Initial Kits
✅ Render Keyboards
 Design Ribbon-Exclusive Kit
✅ Determine the Feasibility of a JIS Kit (Coming Soon!)

✅ Render Keyboard
✅ Order Ribbon Case Prototype
✅ Receive, Build, and Shoot Photos of Prototype
 Launch Chromatica Ribbon IC

✅ Design Deskmats
✅ Render Deskmats
✅ Order Deskmat Samples
Shoot Photos of Samples

Writing/Characters Project
✅ Write preliminary bios
✅ Condense bio info
✅ Make initial character cards
 Write more (this will never end)

Miscellaneous Goals
 Order Enamel Pin Samples
 Order Profile Card Samples
✅ Get final Illustrations from Sticker Artist
✅ Design and order stickers
 Reach out to other creators for collaborations

Thank you for reading!
~ The Chromatica Team

[9/28/21 17:38:21] <sunflowersunderthemoon (AMY)>   Are we launching tonight?
[9/28/21 17:38:37] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   yeah, a few more edits left to the post and we should be good to go
[9/28/21 17:38:52] <breadmuncher (EVE)>   you've been saying that for the last three days lmao
[9/28/21 17:39:18] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   it takes a while to get stuff in order -_-
[9/28/21 18:32:13] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   okay, posted. let's see how this goes!
[9/28/21 18:39:22] <breadmuncher (EVE)>   took you long enough :b
[9/28/21 18:40:24] <sunflowersunderthemoon (AMY)>   Awesome. Let's meet at the diner and celebrate. Dinner's on me!
[9/28/21 18:41:20] <usaginomimi (ICHIE)>   now?
[9/28/21 18:41:48] <catcodingextroardinare (CALLI)>   everyone's logged off now, they probably meant now...

[9/30/21 15:22:11] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   pushed out an update to the thread
[9/30/21 15:23:18] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   people seem to like it so far
[9/30/21 15:27:51] <breadmuncher (EVE)>   how many people are using the form to tell us that we suck?
[9/30/21 15:31:18] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   a few, but i think that's kind of inevitable
[9/30/21 15:32:19] <usaginomimi (ICHIE))>   do people like the deskmats?
[9/30/21 15:33:33] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   pretty good reception so far
[9/30/21 15:34:28] <sunflowersunderthemoon (AMY)>   Told you it'd work out fine!
[9/30/21 15:34:42] <sunflowersunderthemoon (AMY)>   Just checked the status on the Ribbon order. We should be getting our prototype case in a week or two.
[9/30/21 15:35:33] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   ... i'll get to assembling another PCB, then.
[9/30/21 15:36:02] <sunflowersunderthemoon (AMY)>   We still have a few weeks. Take it easy.
[9/30/21 15:38:51] <breadmuncher (EVE)>   don't worry i'll make sure she doesn't work too hard as usual lol

[10/28/21 12:52:11] <sunflowersunderthemoon (AMY)>   Check out what just came in the mail!
[10/28/21 12:52:18] <sunflowersunderthemoon (AMY)>
[10/28/21 12:53:51] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   a bit quick on the draw regarding social media posts
[10/28/21 12:54:05] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   looking good
[10/28/21 12:54:15] <usaginomimi (ICHIE)>   its so pretty!!!! ^_^
[10/28/21 12:54:33] <catcodingextroardinare (CALLI)>   are we gonna work on my board soon???
[10/28/21 12:54:42] <sunflowersunderthemoon (AMY)>   We'll get everyone's done in due time. I had a design all done for yours, but...
[10/28/21 12:54:51] <catcodingextroardinare (CALLI)>   it's a 40 isnt it
[10/28/21 12:55:10] <sunflowersunderthemoon (AMY)>   Maybe...
[10/28/21 12:55:22] <sunflowersunderthemoon (AMY)>   I'll redesign it later.
[10/28/21 12:55:34] <catcodingextroardinare (CALLI)>   okok
[10/28/21 13:42:12] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   wait a minute wtf is that a deskmat of me
[10/28/21 13:42:30] <sunflowersunderthemoon (AMY)>   I spilled stuff on my old mat so I asked Eve to borrow one.
[10/28/21 13:42:38] <breadmuncher (EVE)>   you could have picked any other one. how tf did you even find that
[10/28/21 13:43:09] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   eve wtf wtf wtf why do you have that in the first place
[10/28/21 13:42:51] <breadmuncher (EVE)>   i thought itd be cute

[11/06/21 08:12:11] <catcodingextroardinare (CALLI)>   nyanpasu! formatting genius me strikes again, go check out the IC thread :3
[11/06/21 08:13:11] <sunflowersunderthemoon (AMY)>   A lot easier to read to be sure.
[11/06/21 14:14:05] <catcodingextroardinare (CALLI)>   go look at the form as well! changed the questions around a little bit too
[11/06/21 14:14:32] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   didn't I tell you to ask me whenever you were tweaking our public facing stuff?
[11/06/21 14:15:15] <catcodingextroardinare (CALLI)>   ehhh?? i thought you told us to just go things if we thought they needed work!
[11/06/21 14:17:33] <breadmuncher (EVE)>   lmao that's karinish for "leave me alone i'm busy"
[11/06/21 12:19:42] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   no it's not :/ ugh alright fine it's okay just let me know next time
[11/06/21 12:19:51] <usaginomimi (ICHIE)>   thanks so much for putting the deskmat questions there!!!!!!!! U(^ㅅ^)U
[11/06/21 12:21:10] <catcodingextroardinare (CALLI)>   you can always count on me, meow :3c
[11/06/21 12:24:22] <chromaticaribbon (KARINA)>   its too early in the morning for this

I'm getting some serious New Game vibes and I love it -- no shame

Edit: Calli best girl. Fight me

Great choice of colors & love the accompanying characters! Can't wait to see this project realized :D

love the set

amy best girl

Mr Chrome:


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