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[IC] ePBT Chromatica - Updated 11/7 - JIS, IC Updates, Collabs

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finally, a ortho set i could use. most don't include enough to cover 14 columns.

would love to see this 40/ortho set with some kind of alternate characters for the alpha keys like katana, drifter, aurebesh, morse code, etc.. (so it really wouldn't matter if the character is in the correct spot or not).

really like the base mod icons you came up with and could easily be used in any theme.

will be watching for pricing.

good luck with IC

This looks really nice. Love the fact that you have included ISO UK in the base

Would these be wipe clean?

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Love the colors. A yellow and white f13 on the base kit would be nice

Super cool concept, I want this to be a dating sim too.


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